Price of Accommodation

Basic prices of accommodation per night per person are as follows:

    * hotel rooms                  14.50 €
    * family rooms                14.50 €
    * additional beds             10.00 € (tourist 8.00 €)

    Accomodation tax  0.40 Eur/person/day

Food prices

    Breakfast: 3.00/4.00 € buffet

    Half board: per adult  9.50/10.50 €
                       per child   5.50/6.50 €

     Full board: per adult   11.50/12.50 € 
                       per child      7.00/7.50 €

Enjoy peaceful accommodation in Račková valley and gain unforgettable experience on hikes in the West and High Tatra Mountains, have lots of fun in water parks and going to other tourist attractions in the Tatras and the Liptov region.

Whether you come for a family holiday, work meeting or a camp, we always have your satisfaction and convenience in mind and will gladly accommodate even your individual wishes.